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Best Downhiller

Post  Don Hamstre on Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:01 pm

Races which count in this category are the ones where DH stat is greater than CL and greater then HL. SP stat can be bigger, cause Downhillers need to have good SP skill.

Also, check out the Official Downhill Thread for AnnoDomini's list of possible nominees.

Thanks to Alexander from Team Chili, nominating in categories like this gets a little bit easier. If you want an overview of the top-20 riders of this category based on points scored in races inside category in Division 1 t/m 3, do the following:

- Go to the OCM Chat
- look if 'chilibot' is online (it usually is)
- type in '/query chilibot'
- In the individual conversation screen with chilibot, type in 'q awardType 44 DH'
- You will now get a response from chilibot, giving you a link to the top-20

Beware however, this list does not take into account results in Div4 or lower, so always check if a rider has scored in any of those divisions before posting his points inside category. Also, make sure you don't miss that great rider who has won 10 races, but never made it to the higher divisions.

The format for this category:

OCM Tour Rank:
OCM Tour Points:
Points inside category: (Percentage between brackets)
wins inside category, including  mention classic wins (Divisions in which races were won)
other results inside category, including mention classic results (Divisions in which results were achieved)

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