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Post  DeRodeLantaarn Yesterday at 9:03 pm

Name: Ruurd (The Ullrichs)
Nation: Netherlands
OCM World Tour Rank: 1
OCM World Tour Points: 1820
Number of ranked riders: 397
4 wins: Velikiye Luki - Gruzdovo, CoN Paris, CoN Cape Town and Bruxelles - Liège. (4 WT-A)
4 other results: 2nd CoN Washongton City TT, 2nd Barcelona - Quanca, 3rd Birmingham - London and 3rd Oslo Grand Prix. (4 WT-A)
Note: Winner of the World Tour and the CoN.

Name: futerko (team futerko)
Nation: England
OCM World Tour Rank: 3
OCM World Tour Points: 1320
Number of ranked riders: 212
4 wins: CoN Delhi, Lisboa - Peniche, Birmingham - London and Rotterdam - Amsterdam. (4 WT-A)
2 other results: 2nd CoN Cape Town and 2nd Bruxelles - Liège. (2 WT-A)
Note: 3rd in the World Tour.

Name: Tom (Tomba)
Nation: Belgium
OCM World Tour Rank: 2
OCM World Tour Points: 1360
Number of ranked riders: 361
1 win: Odense - Kobenhavn. (WT-A)
7 other results: 2nd CoN Rio de Janeiro, 2nd Lisboa - Peniche, 2nd Rotterdam - Amsterdam, 3rd Bukarest - Sinaia, 3rd CoN Delhi, 3rd CoN Sydney and 3rd Barcelona - Quanca. (7 WT-A)
Note: 2nd in the World Tour and 5th in the CoN.

Name: Martijn Kleuskens (Starlynk Bermuda)
Nation: Bermuda
OCM World Tour Rank: 4
OCM World Tour Points: 1240
Number of ranked riders: 62
2 wins: CoN Rio de Janeiro and Oslo Grand Prix. (2 WT-A)
2 other results: 2nd Velikiye - Gruzdovo and 3rd CoN Paris. (2 WT-A)
Note: 4th in the World Tour and 3rd in the CoN.

Name: Damian (Help)
Nation: Australia
OCM World Tour Rank: 9
OCM World Tour Points: 710
Number of ranked riders: 120
1 win: CoN Beijing (WT-A)
No other results.
Note: 9th in the World Tour and 9th in the CoN.

Name: xeli (Bornies)
Nation: Andorra
OCM World Tour Rank: 27
OCM World Tour Points: 280
Number of ranked riders: 8
2 wins: Vancouver Time Trial and Aberystweth - Llanelli. (2 WT-C)
No other results.
Note: 2 nice wins for a small nation.

Name: Yuri (Yuri Super Team)
Nation: Portugal
OCM World Tour Rank: 6
OCM World Tour Points: 1020
Number of ranked riders: 164
No wins.
4 other results: 2nd CoN Delhi, 2nd CoN Sydney, 2nd CoN Paris and 2nd Birmingham - London. (4 WT-A)
Note: 2nd in the CoN

Name: david popescu (familytour)
Nation: Romania
OCM World Tour Rank: 12
OCM World Tour Points: 540
Number of ranked riders: 80
3 wins: Classica Verona, Stavanger - Haugl and Radomsko - Kruszyna. (3 WT-B)
2 other results: 2nd and 3rd Tabor Grandprix. (WT-B)
Note: A impressive comeback to WT-A.

Name: Methode (Nairobi City Cycling Club)
Nation: Kenya
OCM World Tour Rank: 24
OCM World Tour Points: 350
Number of ranked riders: 6
2 wins: Chos Malal - Loncopué and Ningde - Luoyuan. (2 WT-B)
No other results.
Note: 2 wins for a small nation in WT-B.

Name: Oriental (Opium Fueled)
Nation: Hong Kong
OCM World Tour Rank: 28
OCM World Tour Points: 260
Number of ranked riders: 11
No wins.
3 other results: 2nd Vancouver Time Trial, 2nd Auckland - Hamilton and 3rd Minas - Montevideo. (3 WT-C)
Note: 3 results for a small nation.


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Best WT Manager

Post  Don Hamstre on Fri May 18, 2018 2:48 pm

Format for this category:

OCM World Tour Rank:
OCM World Tour Points:
Number of ranked riders:
wins, mention all wins (Divisions in which races were won)
other results mention all results (Divisions in which results were achieved)

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