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Post  PJMcycles Today at 3:03 pm

Here is a list of all the tour winners, no one won more than one tour. Need someone to pick out the Important tours to cut this list down to a manageable number. (As I don't Know which tours are more difficult to win / have more kudos in winning).

Name:  Gale Reason  
Team:  Jonas Pro Cycling
wins    Tweedaagse van Antwerpen  div 1  

Name:   Ludvig Karlsen  
Team:  Drake Racing
wins    Vuelta de los Castillos   div 1

Name:   Paul Crawford
Team:  Comfius
wins     Essex Tour   div 1                

Name:   Sal Dambrosio
Team:  Nefal
wins  Germany Tour  div 1                        

Name:  Pascual Mancuso
Team:  mapei bianchi
Wins  Nederlandse Tour   div 1.1                    
Other  2nd SC Germany Tour  div 1

Name:  Raúl Gonzales
Team:  Team Oasis
wins   Volta ao Porto    div 2                        
other  6th  GC Vuelta de los Castillos   div 1          

Name:  Niguel Verme.
Team:  Abelixe
wins     Haute-Normandie  div 2                    
other  1st YC Haute-Normandie  div 2  

Name:   Ciceron Narvaez
Team:  Abelixe
wins  Cymru Taith   div2                            

Name:  Walter Kamgamba
Team:  Nikoline
wins    Vuelta a Valparaìso  div 2                  
other  1st SC  Vuelta a Valparaìso  div 2                  

Name:  Wubbe Molhoek
Team: Bing Team
wins  Giro di Montelbano   div 3              
other  1st YC Giro di Montelbano   div 3                

Name:  Jeffrey Napier
Team: Lots o Huggin Bear
wins  Norway Tour   div3                          
other  3rd GC Vuelta a Valparaìso  div 2  

Name: Henning Olufsen  
Team: Hilltup
wins  Perm Tour      div 3                            
other 2nd  GC  Norway Tour   div3
         7th GC  Vuelta a Valparaìso  div 2                            

Name:  Alari Arjasepp    
Team: Ocaña
wins Kangaroo Tour   div 3                        
other 6th GC Edmonton Red Deer Tour div 4      

Name:  Barthélémy Besse
Team:  rooney17
wins Race of the Minutemen   div 4
other  4th GC Edmonton Red Deer Tour div 4    
Name:  Roar Brun  
Team: ACAB
wins Giro di Sicilia   div4                          
other 2nd SP  Fast on Wheels    div5                    

Name:   Jonathan Berthelsen
Team:  TD rockets
Wins  Monte Rosa Tour  div 5                  

Name: Finn Orre    
Team: Matrix team
wins  Fast on Wheels    div5                    
other 2nd GC  Cymru Taith   div2                            

Name:  Daniele Gatto  
Team:  Schiavi di Don
wins Odyssey of the Oryx  div 6              
other 1st YC  Odyssey of the Oryx  div 6
         2nd SC  Odyssey of the Oryx  div 6

Name: Beniamino Giubic  
Team:  mortenryt
wins Tour of the Sanreizan   div 7          
other  1st   YC  Tour of the Sanreizan   div 7        
           5th GC Odyssey of the Oryx  div 6
          3rd  YC Odyssey of the Oryx  div 6


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Best Tour Rider

Post  Don Hamstre on Fri May 18, 2018 2:41 pm

Remember, if you're nominating (or voting for that matters), GC's and YC's are always more important than SC's. Only nominate a sprinter if he's actually gone and win a tour (of course SP tours still count), or if he did extraordinarily well in multiple ones.

Format for this category:

wins inside category, including  mention tour wins,do not mention stages (Divisions in which races were won)
other results inside category, including mention tour results, do not mention stages (Divisions in which results were achieved)

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